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Our Computer Vision APIs can recognize millions of objects across 16 verticals including cars, faces, logos, flowers, landmarks, artwork, animals, currencies and more. Businesses can integrate our APIs into their apps, website or products to enable visual search, automatic image processing and tagging. We use artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to help companies make their worlds more powerful and efficient. The accuracy of our technology is the best in the world for many categories, including cars, faces, logos, flowers and landmarks.
The capabilities of our Computer Vision API
Computer vision api image tagging | Blippar
Automatically recognize & tag images
Our image recognition engine allows you to seamlessly tag hundreds, thousands or millions of images quickly and with human accuracy – some categories achieving up to 99% accuracy.
Computer vision api visual search | Blippar
Turn your app, website or chat bot into a visual search browser
Let your consumers upload images or scan objects in the real world through the phone’s camera, and provide relevant information and content depending on what it sees.
Computer vision api let your app see | Blippar
Let any product with a lens “see”
Phones, toys, drones -- any product with a camera lens can be given the ability to see and understand the world around them and react accordingly.
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